About Me


I am a Senior Software Engineer with over 16 years of experience currently working for an excellent company in the Dallas, Texas area. I started my programming career in 1999 working on an e-commerce web site with a great group of people in Austin, Texas. They gave me opportunities I had previously only dreamed of doing. I owe them a great deal for the opportunity and their patience over the years. The e-commerce web site was called accessories.dell.com.

Since then I have worked on internally and externally sold software products that were built from the ground up in e-commerce, inventory, order fulfillment & logistics, military radio communication, banking, and tax content management. To me, meeting the business’ needs is more than just cranking out some code but more of a craft that should consider both short term and long term goals for the product.

I have had a lot to learn over the years but have had a great time and could not dream of doing anything else. I like the leadership and mentoring opportunities that being a senior software engineer allows without compromising the hands-on experience I get in design and development. I am a huge believer in servant leadership and allowing your team to manage themselves. The majority of people will excel and put forth more effort when trusted, treated with respect, and enabled to deliver on their own. Show honest smart people you trust them and they will deliver. Authoritarian management styles where people are treated like a number are not recommended here.

Since the age of 12, I have always wanted to be a programmer. Around that time, through reading books, I started programming as a hobby. I first learned assembly language back on the Apple IIc before moving on to an IBM PS/1 386 where I picked up MASM (Microsoft Assembler), GW-Basic, and QuickBasic. Since then I have worked in various languages including HTML, CSS, Javascript, VB 6, VJ++, ASP, C# (2002), SQL etc. For the last 13 years, most of my experience has been working in the Java world.



My relationships with God and family are the most important things in my life. Truth is, I am a family man who follows God above all else. I am a software engineer second. I have a beautiful wife named Christina and two children, Nicholas and Gabrielle. I am very blessed to have them in my life and hope to always put them first.


I almost forgot. We also have a smart little dog named Bella. She is the dog that my wife promised me we would never have again. She just showed up with my wife one day out of the blue. The children love her.

Well… to be honest, she has kind of grown on me.. I love her too.

Why a Blog

Here are my reasons for starting a blog. I hope as it grows that it becomes helpful for somebody out there.

  • I wanted an avenue to help promote or share the various bits of knowledge that I have run across on the web, gotten from books that I have studied, and learned through experience over the years.
  • I want something that would allow for people to critique my thoughts on various subjects in our field of work. Iron Sharpens Iron. Very interested in others’ thoughts and learning from them.
  • I wanted a place where I could quickly type up code snippets that I know I will reuse again in the future.
  • I wanted to spend time to increase my vocabulary, work on my grammar, and overall learn how to write better. I learn best by doing.

Hope you enjoy. Drop me a comment some time.

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