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Martin Fowler/ Thoughtworks Videos & Articles

Martin Fowler & Jim Webber : Does My Bus Look Big in This?
REST API Design- Resource Modeling
Anemic Domain Model”
Many Meanings of Event-Driven Architecture


Digging into Angular’s “Controller as” syntax ($scope versus this)
Service Versus Factory – Once and for All

Database Related

Surrogate Keys versus Natural Keys (AgileData)
Surrogate Key versus Natural Key (SqlMag)
Why you absolutely need alternate keys
Do you really need a UUID/GUID?
Why GUID keys are a databases worst nightmare
GUIDS : Sequentiaql Algorithms


Scrum Guide
The Definition of a Tech Lead
Using Dockerfiles to Automate Building of Images
Cool URIs do not change
Kent Beck Video: What if waterfallers are not completely wrong?
Netflix: Microservices


Is TDD Dead?
Definition of Unit Tests: Socialable vs Solitary Tests