Installing Node.js

This is a quick simple walk-through of the Node.Js wizard installation screens.

Step 1

Browse to the NodeJs website to download the latest NodeJs MSI package installer.




Step 2

Once you have downloaded the MSI package, double-click to open and run.

Click ‘Next’ to continue.




Step 3

There is an End-User License Agreement next. Be sure to read the license. It is very important. I know. I know. Doesn’t everyone already do that?

Click ‘Next’.




Step 4

The next screen is your typical Destination Folder Screen. Choose the location where the program should be installed.  I usually put it on my D drive under a ‘nodejs’ folder.

Click ‘Next’.




Step 5

Click ‘Next’ to continue.




Step 6

Click the ‘Install’ button to start the install.




Step 7

After clicking the ‘Finish’ button, we will do a quick test to make sure that it is indeed installed.





Step 8

Run the Windows ‘Command Prompt’. In Windows 8 or 10, bring up the windows search and just type ‘Command’. In an earlier version of windows, click on Windows Start – Run and type in ‘cmd’ and press ‘Enter’.

Once at the command prompt, type ‘npm -version’ and press ‘Enter’. You should see the version number of Node.Js. You are done!


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